D e n t a l  P l a n

Individual Plan       $14.95/month
Household Plan     $19.95/month

(Household is any number of people)

Vision, Rx, and Chiropractic services included FREE!

Add Medical services to the above Dental Plan
entire household just $39.95/month--TOTAL!

No wait periods, No restrictions, No contract required--ANY PLAN!

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How does AmeriPlan® save you so much?

Healthcare reform--Consumer Driven Healthcare--attracting more and more doctors

Many doctors spend a vast amount of time and money processing claim forms for traditional insurance companies. Quite frankly, they'd rather be seeing patients! AmeriPlan® requires NO claim forms or other paperwork. So the care provider's costs in time and money for paperwork (and negotiating treatment options with insurance account managers) goes to zero! Plus, with nearly two million members, AmeriPlan® doctors and dentists know they can count on patient traffic in their office. These savings in operating expenses are passed on to you in the form of huge discounts on rates and services. get the details | join risk free

Spending too much time looking for health insurance?

AmeriPlan® is not insurance

Have you spent time searching through complicated insurance plans only to find they are too expensive, don't provide the services you need, or you can't qualify for them? Now is the time to take advantage of the current trend in healthcare reform called "Consumer Driven Healthcare."

Your time is valuable--spend it wisely! You need a healthcare plan that you can afford and that you can actually use; and, you need professionals on your side that have already made reduced pricing agreements with healthcare providers in your area. Sign up risk-free!

What is AmeriPlan®?

Celebrating more than sixteen years of service to members

AmeriPlan® is a 16-year old Dunn & Bradstreet listed company serving nearly two million people with affordable healthcare plans. The company is a member in-good-standing of the US Chamber of Commerce, The Texas Retailers Association, the national Direct Selling Association, the Consumer Health Alliance (CHA), and The National Association of Dental Plans. The Dallas Business Journal chose to write about AmeriPlan® in their March 2000 issue.

AmeriPlan® is a membership organization that strives to get the best possible healthcare values for its members by negotiating dedicated discounts from healthcare providers and securing special contracts from healthcare vendors for specialty services or products.  With a rapidly growing membership, AmeriPlan® has a very significant and influential position in the marketplace to make arrangements that result in huge savings in healthcare services for its members.  And, this company never stops seeking new features to add to its members' services and making improvements in its existing services.  This is a working organization--working for YOU, the member!

How does AmeriPlan® work?

Negotiating the best discounts for members nationwide

AmeriPlan® works with local healthcare providers across the nation, substantially reducing the service fees for AmeriPlan's nearly two million members while at the same time helping the care provider grow their business. Doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers concentrate on providing quality care and agree to pass their savings in operating expenses on to you in the form of huge discounts. All you do is "show your membership card and get the discounts!" It's that simple! It’s a win-win situation. Learn more.


How do I get my medications?

Never choose between medicine and other essentials again!

Choose between two outstanding prescription services. Using our standard prescription plan, AmeriPlan®’s nearly two million members--who are just like you--have the buying power to enjoy huge discounts on prescription medications at most all pharmacies, including the large national chain stores . Are you on a low or fixed income? Qualifying members using our special AmeriPlan® Prescription Advocacy Program can get many medications, that are not paid for by any other type healthcare plan, for one low fixed fee. For many, that translates into thousands of dollars worth of free medication. See if you qualify | Join Now 


These features are common to all Ameriplan® healthcare plans:

  • Not insurance -- a deep-discount, fee-for-service membership product
  • Immediate savings
  • Very affordable
  • No wait period
  • No age restrictions
  • All on-going medical conditions included
  • No contract -- start & stop when you want
  • Use whenever and as often as you want
  • No ceilings or exclusions (except for orthodontic procedures already in progress)
  • No paperwork or claim forms
  • Household plans include all household members regardless of relationship
  • No third-party permissions required -- work exclusively with your care provider
  • Services available in all states except Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Alaska.  The Total Health Plus™ package is not available in South Carolina. 


*100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of becoming a member, you may cancel your membership in writing to AmeriPlan® Bank and Credit Card Services by mail to 5700 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas 75024, FAX to (469) 229-4595 or email to stop@stopmembership.com. In order to receive your membership fee refund you must return the membership identification cards. The one-time registration fee and money paid for healthcare services and products are not refundable. After 30 days membership fees are non-refundable. You may cancel your membership at any time by written request and the return of your membership cards. Attempts to cancel by telephone  cannot be accepted.


 Ameriplan® is a member in good standing of these professional business organizations:

Dunn & Bradstreet Listed
US Chamber of Commerce
National Association of Dental Plans
Consumer Health Alliance 
Click here to read the CHA's "Code of Conduct"
Direct Selling Association  Click here to read the DSA's "Code of Ethics"



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